Historical Society of Whitehall, New York

skene manorThe Historical Society collects and preserves artifacts of all types. Books, photographs, scrapbooks, textiles, church records, cemetery records, newspapers, and much more are sustained at the research library. Items of historical value more suitable for public display such as tools, glassware, pottery, machinery and more are housed and maintained at the museum.

The activities of the Society are the work of volunteers. Gifts of items and collections of historical significance for Whitehall and the surrounding area are always welcomed as are bequests and donations to support the preservation of our past. Your involvement as a member, volunteer or just visiting our museum, research library or website is welcome and encouraging.

The Historical Society of Whitehall was formed in 1911 and after years of inactivity, was reactivated in 1951. In 1959 a museum was created in an unused 1917 Canal terminal as part of the community’s bicentennial celebration. After the 200th Anniversary the Museum continued with the help of a long term lease on the terminal with the State of New York, and with the support, donations, and artifacts from the people of the community. The Museum is open from June to October to help our visitors learn of the Birthplace of the US Navy.

In the 1980’s the Historical Society started a Research Center on the second floor of the Isaac Griswold Library building on Williams Street. Literally thousands of photographs, papers and birth, death and marriage records are archived there for the use of people searching their ancestry and other information concerning the community since its beginning in 1759.

The Research Center is each Tuesday morning from 9 to noon, weather permitting. There are usually at least 2 with volunteers available to help in finding information. Social distancing and masks required. Feel free to contact us through our website or on Facebook for more information or with specific questions about the history of Whitehall, New York.