Whitehall History

History of Whitehall, NY

Searchable index of scrapbooks 1697 pages

I.O.O.F. membership listing 14 pages

History Books
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Rodd Families of Whitehall

Irish Families in Whitehall

French Families in Whitehall

Italian Families in Whitehall

School Sports in Whitehall

School Sports 1930 – 1960

Schools – Early Whitehall

Doris B. Morton-A Whitehall History- Compiled & Edited by Carol Greenough

Notes and Outlines by Doris B. Morton, Dorothy Parker and others compiled by Carol Senecal

Ben Carpenter – Editor & Historian

Whitehall Doctor Henry Root Civil War Diary Jan. 1866 to Oct. 1866

World War 1 Memories, Pictures & News items

Who’s Who by Evelyn Tobin 12/1937

James E. Roche, Publisher & Editor of the Whitehall Times

Castles, Manors and other Charming Residences

Businesses in Whitehall by June Tracy

A Brief History of Whitehall Fires and Methods of Combating Them
Tug Boats Built and used in Whitehall by W. B. Inglee

Hatch Hill Cemetery former Barney Cemetery

History of Grade Crossing Elimination Nov 1, 1934 to April  30, 1937

Whitehall Diary May 1, 1937 – June 31, 1944 written by W. B. Inglee

Grade Crossing Elimination Nov. 1, 1931 to May 31, 1933 written by W. B. Inglee

Around My Neighborhood by Ruth Holcomb Stevens

Sports in Whitehall (not school)

Whitehall Entertainment Scrapbook-Mrs. Anna (Dunning) Noyes 1870-1895

Whitehall Opera Houses-Opera and Entertainment 1800-1900

Stories and Diaries from Whitehall

Edmourd Leo Touchette 1926-2011

Ancestors of William Albert Wilkins by Robin (Purdy) Manell

Organizations of Whitehall

1934 Old Tunnel Demolished & Grades Separated by Jim Lloyd

Hotels, Taverns & Inns

Chronicle 1849-1907

Chronicle 1856

Chronicle 1874

Chronicle 1909-1918